A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME The last 15 years I have been a giftware designer, a graphic designer, and stationery designer. I work from my charming hobby farm/home studio outside of Minneapolis, MN, sometimes, and occasionally from our seaside home in Bradenton, FL creating original artworks, writing my first children’s book, designing stationery products, and designing artwork for licensed products and one-of-a-kind accessories. My personal aesthetic is a little bit bohemian, colorful, and whimsical. I adore intricacy & detail, whether it be in fine linework and doodles, or the natural drips and patterns that result when paint mixes with water. I love vibrant artworks that reveal something new every time you look at them. Oh, and you may notice I REALLY love creating characters, especially adorable little girls, cute animals, and doodling pages and pages of flowers. Being able to travel from the countryside to seaside keeps me sane.  My inspiration comes from the beauty of the nature around me, whether it be on the farm or by the sea. I feel lucky I can make a career of it so that I am able to be home to care of our horses, donkey, cat, chickens, and gardens…with lots of flowers. The best days for me are when the sun is shining and I can play hooky for the afternoon to go trail riding with my friends, work in the gardens, or be out on our boat in the beautiful gulf waters. Living this way keeps me sane and provides me with constant inspiration for new art.